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North America Hedge Fund List


Contains detailed contact information for more than 2600 hedge funds throughout North America. Countries covered include Canada, Mexico and the United States.
List Contents
Fund Locations
The North America Hedge Fund List provides over 30 categories of information for hedge funds located in North America. In total, the list includes more than 2600 hedge fund managers and provides over 5000 unique email addresses in addition to dozens of other categories of company information.

Information Includes:
  • Firm Name
  • Address
  • Phone/Fax
  • Website URL
  • Main Email
  • Up to 4 Executive Contacts / Listing
  • Executive Emails
  • Assets Under Management (AUM)
  • Change in AUM for 12 and 24 mo. periods
  • # of Employees
  • Strategy (Commodities, Global Macro, Real Estate etc.)
  • Year Founded
  • Incorporation Type
  • NEW Hiring Status
Top countries included in the North America Hedge Fund List:
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico
What's Included
North America Hedge Fund List (2640+ Listings)
  • List Can Be Downloaded Instantly
  • Delivered in both .xls (Excel) and .csv formats
Free Updates for 12 Months
  • Get 12 months of free updates emailed to you every 30-60 days - new contact information, current AUM data, and new fund launches.
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